///Unique FlexControl Technology

Unique FlexControl Technology

Enterprise Voltyrе-Prom JSC produces Goodyear, Titan and Voltyre tires. Each of these brands has an optimal price-performance ratio, is well recognized and is used for a certain type of equipment.

Since 2019, Voltyrе-Prom JSC has taken a step forward towards greater development of the mid-price segment, namely, we began to produce Titan radial tires using the new FLEXCONTROL technology. This is due, first of all, to changing trends in agriculture and industry, which are aimed mainly at increasing efficiency, increasing reliability, increasing diversity, preserving the ecology, as well as with the advent of new tillage methods and methods.

All this poses new challenges for tire manufacturers, makes them increase the bearing capacity and speed characteristics of their products, produce new sizes, popularize tires with low inflation pressure, etc.

The company Titan International, Inc., which is the main owner of Voltyrе-Prom JSC, is well aware that without improving the products in the direction of the above characteristics, it will not be possible to continue to take serious steps forward. To this end, Titan specialists have developed Flexcontrol technology - a technology that gives confidence, or rather, even more confidence, because the Titan radial tires produced by this technology are a product with innovative properties.

What makes FlexControl so unique?

1. New polyamide fibers of the carcass (17% and 7% higher tensile strength of the cord and breaker threads, 12.5% ​​more elasticity of the cord and 11.5% more rigid breaker);

2. A new spatial distribution of cord threads (10% fewer threads, which gives 40% more distance between the cord threads);

3. Adaptive heterogeneity of rubber compounds (tread rubber is 30% better in abrasion, rubber cord rubber adhesion is 12.5% ​​better, more than natural rubber in sidewall rubber).

This gives the tires:

1. The ability to have a contact spot greater by 9% without loss of life, which creates an additional margin when exceeding the loads stipulated for a standard tire, and in the reduced pressure mode improves traction properties and protects the soil.

2. better handling, and protection from shock due to a stiffer breaker.

3. longer service life as a combination of all three components of the technology.

As a result, the Flexcontrol technology creates the very confidence that the tire will perform the work expected of it with minimal dependence on the quality of operation.


FLEXCONTROL technology is a technology that gives confidence, and more precisely - even more confidence, because Titan radial tires manufactured using this technology are a product with innovative properties.