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Policy in the field of quality, ecology and labour protection of the enterprise

Voltyre-Prom, JSC, being one of the largest Russian manufacturers of tyres, is guided by requirements of the legislation of the Russian Federation, consumers and business partners on quality of products, manufacturing process and environmental safety.

We guarantee implementation of the assumed liabilities on satisfaction of expectations of consumers and interested parties regarding ensuring quality of products, safety of manufacturing, preservation of the environment, economy of natural and energy resources.


We provide our consumers with high-quality tyres of the wide range at the same time we reduce impact of manufacturing activity on the environment, we create safe working conditions for personnel.


  • To master new types of products and sales markets, increasing share of deliveries to OEM manufacturers.
  • To ensure quality of products manufactured, services on the basis of requirements and expectations of consumers.
  • To exercise control and development of manufacturing process at complete solution of issues of quality, labour protection, industrial, fire and environmental safety.
  • To maintain the favorable psychological climate promoting timely identification of problems and their effective solution.
  • To consider opinion and interests of the parties involved, to carry out the choice of suppliers and contractors, rendering them assistance on implementation of requirements in the field of quality, labour protection, manufacturing and environmental safety.

For implementation of the Policy the management defined the main directions:

  • Constant improvement of systems: quality management, ecological management and labour protection according to requirements of ISO 9001, IATF 16949, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001;
  • Risk reduction and development of opportunities which can affect compliance of products and increase customers' satisfaction, by their identification, analysis and estimation;
  • Creation of mutually beneficial relations with suppliers and consumers on the basis of trust and partnership;
  • Regular training, increase in competence, responsibility and involvement of all employees, for the purpose of improvement of quality and safe operation.
  • Increase in labour productivity, including due to modernization of existing equipment and putting in service of new equipment, use of the best available technologies, optimization of business processes;
  • Creation of effective system of motivation for employees working on ensuring quality of products and safety of the work;
  • Prevention of environmental pollution by managing and control of blowouts, dumpings of pollutants, formation of production wastes and stage-by-stage drop of influence of ecological aspects;
  • Drop of the manufacturing risks posing potential threat to life and to health of personnel of the enterprise, contractors and visitors of manufacturing site by means of their identification and control;
  • Compliance to the statutory, regulatory and other accepted requirements concerning quality of products, processes and activity of the enterprise, including in the field of labour protection, industrial, fire and environmental safety;
  • Effective use of the allocated financial and other resources.

The management of Voltyre-Prom, JSC takes the responsibility for realization, ensuring understanding and support by all employees of the Policy in the field of quality, ecology and labour protection, for continuous improvement of systems of management, for prevention of negative impacts on the environment, for providing safe working conditions, preservation of life and health of participants of manufacturing activity.

Director General Ms. Olga Shilina