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//Unconditional warranty

Unconditional warranty for TITAN tyres

You purchase TITAN tyres with unconditional warranty and receive advantage for your business!

End consumers are provided with Unconditional Warranty in addition to active Base Warranty for agricultural tyres TITAN, manufactured using FLEXCONTROL technology, bought within period from January 1, 2020 till December 31, 2020 and manufactured after 30th week of 2019.

You purchase TITAN tyres with Unconditional Warranty and in case of PREMATURE TYRE FAILURE service centre conducts one free of charge repair or PROVIDES 30% DISCOUNT for a new tyre!

The list of available service centres is stated on the web-site of the manufacturer.

Undonditional Warranty is provided on the following terms:

  • Online registration of Unconditional Warranty within 30 days from the date of tyre purchase.
  • The tyres should contain clearly readable identification numbers and date of manufacturing.

Unconditional Warranty terms for tyres
bought within period from January 1, 2020 till December 31, 2020 and manufactured after 30th week of 2019.

Tyre Brand
Tyre appliance
agricultural tyres, manufactured using FLEXCONTROL technology
Damage type Premature tyre failure due to operational defects
Warranty validity period Within two years from the moment of purchase by the end consumer
Services provided To conduct free of charge repair or in case if tyre repair is not possible to provide 30% discount for a purchase of a new comparable tyre.*
Mounting / de-mounting during repair / replacement on warranty case. Free of charge.
Cost of delivery On End buyer’s account
Quantity of available repairs or discounts for one tyre under Unconditional Warranty terms. One

* If repair is not possible the End Consumer has a right to receive a 30% discount on the purchase of a new comparable tyre. A discount is calculated from authorized dealer’s retail price at the time when a claim is submitted in regard to premature tyre failure due to operational defects.

Detailed terms of TITAN Tyres Unconditional Guarantee provision.

End consumer is obliged to comply with the Recommendations for Operation of Agricultural Tyres (available on the website, mount on the vehicle only tyres which conform with the requirements of Regulation (EU) No 167/2013 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 5 February 2013 taking into account the size, load index and speed index specified in the instruction manual of the vehicle and also not to inflict intentional damage.

If repeated violations of the Recommendations for Operation of Agricultural Tyres issued by the Manufacturer (available on the website by End Consumer are identified, the End consumer will be excluded from coverage under Unconditional Warranty.

Unconditional Warranty does not cover tyres received by an individual as a gift, i.e. free of charge, and tyres with no proof of purchase documents, sold at a “zero” cost.

When purchasing TITAN tyres manufactured using FLEXCONTROL technology, End consumer must register on the web-site in order to be able to use Unconditional Warranty in the future. It is obligatory to scan a copy of proof of purchase document, confirming the purchase of the tyre, and upload it according to the instructions. In case of a Warranty Event, End consumer will be able to apply Unconditional Warranty only upon providing the original of proof of purchase document, confirming the purchase of the tyre, or if a scanned copy of such a document was properly uploaded and stored on the web-site

The following documents can be used as a proof of purchase document confirming the sale / purchase of tyres:

  • Sales check / sales receipt
  • Waybill
  • Consignment note;
  • Original of Invoice.

However, a proof of purchase document confirming sale / purchase of tyres should include the following information: model, size, quantity and cost of the tyre, date of sale, Tax payer No. and Seller’s name, actual address of the outlet.

If the sales receipt does not contain information about the place (the actual address and name of the seller) or the model / size of the tyre, then the availability of a sales check with these details is mandatory.

When registering purchased tyres, End consumer receives to the email a Warranty Card confirming his right to participate in the Promotion, which contains contact information where End consumer must address in case of a warranty event. Contact information will also be available on the website in the section Titan Unconditional Warranty. When addressing the indicated contacts, End consumer must provide the serial number of the tyre, tyre size and location of the tyre.

Depending on the location of the tyres, subject to Unconditional Warranty, End consumer is assigned a service centre that will repair the tyres and indicate the start of repair (depending on the distance from the service centre to End consumer). From the moment of receiving information about the warranty case to the moment of sending information about the assignment of a service centre and indication of estimated date of the start of repair maximum period equals to 2 days.

When interacting with a service centre representative, End consumer must present a damaged tyre with a clearly readable number and date of manufacturing.

All expenses related to mounting / de-mounting (of the wheel) and repair are covered by “Voltyre-Prom”, JSC. The costs of delivering the tyres to the repair place and back, if the repair cannot be performed promptly at the location of the tyre or if the service centre does not have the necessary equipment for this, are paid by End consumer. If the service centre makes a decision on the tyre as impossible to repair, the End consumer must contact the dealer he purchased the tyre from in order to arrange purchase of another comparable tyre with a 30% discount.

When service centre is carrying out repairs, they provide delivery / pick-up (End consumer pays transportation costs) for repairs and the tyre repair itself in accordance with the conditions of Unconditional Warranty. The service centre bears responsibility for its actions and the result of work on the basis of an agreement concluded with the tyre manufacturer.

Upon completion of the repair, End consumer signs Act of Acceptance confirming the fact of the repair.

The decision of the service centre on the impossibility of carrying out repairs should be executed in writing and sent to “Voltyre-Prom”, JSC.

To purchase a new tyre at a discount, End consumer must provide a Warranty Card, with information about extended warranty, the proof of purchase documents confirming the purchase of the tyres to the dealer from which the purchase was made. In case a Warranty Card and proof of purchase documents are absent, a duly performed registration on the web-site and uploaded scans of documents can serve as the proof of the purchase.