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1. In case of premature operational failure of tyre products within warranty period of storage and operation, or guarantee operating time owners of vehicles have the right to submit a claim which is sent to the seller (provider) where the tyre products were sold, or to the manufacturer.

2. Legal entity, while presenting damaged tyre products also provides copies of source documents (consignment notes, invoices) confirming the fact of purchase of tyre products and also fills in the forms of documents established on branch.

3. The applicant (legal entity) can send the claim and damaged products by mail, cash on delivery or baggage.

4. Individual owners of vehicles send the claim and enclosed statement of damage to the seller (provider) or the manufacturer with the indication of the surname, name, middle name (if any) and home address (instead of legal entity address) all documents duly signed.

5. In case of mass premature failure of tyre products from operation, attendance of representatives of Voltyre-Prom, JSC of the location of the consumer (buyer) for consideration of claims and decision-making is possible. Representatives are provided with the power of attorney with the right of consideration of claim and drawing up the statement of damage.

6. In case of delivery difficulties of damage products to Voltyre-Prom, JSC (long distance, near and far abroad countries) consideration of claims by e-mail is possible (according to photos). Replacement to the accepted products, subject to warranty claim, is provided only after confirmation of the damaged tyres disposal fact.

7. Consideration of damaged products according to photos is allowed if the following requirements are observed:

  • photos have to be of good quality, the image of the place of damage on the photo have to be clear. Each damages product has to be photographed in several views: (general view, tread pattern photo, rim bead seat, place of defect outside and inside the internal cavity);
  • photos have to provide legibility of: trademark of manufacturer (if any), date of manufacturing, serial number of tyre, tyre specifications and stamp of Quality Department (if any);
  • all photos have to match strictly the exact unit of damaged products.

In case of disputable defect, the products are requested to be sent to the manufacturer.

8. Consideration of claims from OE manufacturers is carried out accordingly to Contracts for supply. Consideration of claims for different sales channels: export and the aftermarket - within 7 working days. Defining the cause of premature failure of tyre products is carried out by claim experts commitee consiting of tyre specialists and a representative of independent party. If the reason of defect is obvious and does not require additional tests then, within 7 working days from the moment of claim registration from the consumer, "The Act of quality consideration of supplied products" is drawn up. In case there is a need of additional quality check of goods the term can be prolonged up to 15 days (according to the Law "On Protection of Consumers' Rights" and the Civil Code of the Russian Federation).

9. In case of recognition of manufacturing defect replacement of products for new of the same size and model is made or refund is provided at a rate of tyre product cost at the time of claim acceptance (according to terms of the contract for supply). The documents necessary for replacement are provided within a day after "The Act of quality consideration of supplied products" is prepared.

10. Besides, in case of direct claim submittance to the manufacturer, a compensation of the transportation costs related to the delivery of products to Voltyre-Prom, JSC is provided, In order to obtain compensation it is necessary to submit originals (or certified copies) of all documents confirming expenses to the plant.

11. If the results of examination identify that defects of products have arisen owing to circumstances for which the manufacturer is not responsible, the consumer has to give orders within one month about the rejected products: to collect or give the written consent for its disposal. Otherwise, Voltyre-Prom, JSC reserves the right, according to the Law "On Protection of Consumers' Rights" and the Civil Code of the Russian Federation to demand reimbursement of expenses, related to storage of products.

The warranty and consideration of claims do not extend to the tube type tyres and tubeless tyres which have lost the consumer properties owing to:

1. Wrong storage conditions;

2. Use of the inappropriate size and/or type of rim;

3. Use of deformed, rusting or unsuitable rim;

4. Use of tyre of inappropriate type, size, design and. etc.;

5. Wrong and/or unqualified mounting;

6. Use of tyres on the vehicle with axis deviation;

7. Overrun of defined load index and speed index;

8. Operation of tyres with overinflation or underinflation;

9. Vehicle overload;

10. Additional processing of tyres (cutting, additional studding etc.);

11. Mechanical damage of the tyre as a result of an accident, fire, road inequalities, natural disaster etc.

The order of acceptance of products by quantity, quality and completeness in warehouses of the consignee (consumer) and submitting of claims is made according to USSR State Arbitration Decree Articles 6 and 7.

Guarantee policy of JSC Voltyre-Prom

  Tyre wear percent *
  0 до 25 26 до 50 51 до 60 61 до 70 71 до 80 81 до 100
Operation of tire ** Percent of refund to consumer
1 year and less 100 50 40 30 20 0
From 1 year to 2 years 75 50 40 30 20 0
From 2 to 3 years 50 50 40 30 20 0
From 3 to 4 years 40 40 40 30 20 0
From 4 to 5 years 30 30 30 30 20 0

* For car, light truck, truck tyres is defined according to height of the tread wear indicator.
For industrial, agricultural tyres according to residual tread depth.
** If proof of purchase date or mounting is provided. If data is not available – date of manufacturing of the products will be used.

The table is applicable manufacturing defects are absent which may cause increased tread wear.

In case of presumable existence of manufacturing defects, resulting in increased tread wear, the tyres with tread wear of more than 81% could be taken for consideration.