///420/70R24 TITAN AG51V TL

420/70R24 TITAN AG51V TL

420/70R24 TITAN AG51V 420/70R24 TITAN AG51V


In contrast to the AG50V model, it additionally reinforces the design of the tire and lugs with high-quality rubber that is resistant to cuts and punctures, which increases the overall performance of tires and increases the service life.

35 064 rub.
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Tire parameters :

Application Agricultural
Overall diameter, mm 1245
Profile width, mm 418
Rim diameter, mm 24
Static RADIUS, mm 569
Load index 130А8/127В
Maximum load, kgf 1900/1750
Pressure, kPa 160
Maximum speed, km/h 40/50
Rim W13
Model AG51V
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