///6,50-10 DT-123 VOLTYRE Heavy ТТ

6,50-10 DT-123 VOLTYRE Heavy ТТ

6,50-10 VOLTYRE-HEAVY DT-123 камерная 6,50-10 VOLTYRE-HEAVY DT-123 камерная


For operation on diesel forklifts with lifting capacity of 1.5-1.85t (front axle) and 3-4t (rear axle). Designed for extremely harsh industrial conditions. The tire shows the best performance and durability in continuous operation on the long haul. The unique massive tread blocks provide bigger

3 379 rub.
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Tire parameters :

Application Industrial
Overall diameter, mm 594
Profile width, mm 188
Rim diameter, mm 10
Static RADIUS, mm 264
Load index 130A3
Maximum load, kgf 1900
Pressure, kPa 790
Ply rating 10
Maximum speed, km/h 15
Rim 5,00F
Tube 6,50-10 GK-95
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