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//List of documents

List of documents

We are interested in expanding and developing our network in your region. We are interested in partners who have sufficient experience of work in the agricultural market and ready to take leadership in the market of AG machinery in their region. The main principle of the partnership program is work and cooperation on a mutually beneficial basis.

Please prepare the necessary documents to conclude the contract and become our partner. Below is a list of documents required to file the application; attached is the questionnaire of the potential dealer.

  1. Extract from the Unified State Register of Legal Entities (Unified State Register of Private Entrepreneurs) as of no earlier than 1 month prior to its submission to the Company;
  2. Certificate of state registration of the counterparty;
  3. Certificate of registration of the counterparty with the tax authority;
  4. Charter of the counterparty in the current version;
  5. All additions and changes made to the constituent documents (charter), if any (approved and registered);
  6. Minutes of the meeting of participants / founders (decision of the sole participant / founder) or the Board of Directors (Supervisory Board), in accordance with their competence, on appointing a single executive body (Director General, Director, President, etc.) of the counterparty;
  7. A power of attorney or other document confirming the authority of a person who is not the sole executive body of a legal entity to conclude an agreement with the Company - in case the contract is signed by a trustee on behalf of the counterparty;
  8. Notify the counterparty of the applicable tax environment, or exemption from tax, or change to another tax environment;
  9. Licenses, certificates, Certificates of membership in a self-regulatory organization (SRO), and any other permits (or their copies) in relation to the concluded contract;
  10. Accounting report for the previous year;
  11. Partner details form;
  12. Report on the payment of taxes in the past year;
  13. Contracts for the lease of warehouses, vehicles;
  14. Headcount;
  15. Fill in the form (link to the form of the questionnaire of the potential dealer).
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