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FlexControl trademark

Innovations are the driving power of the modern world economy. In the last decades we can see acceleration of technological and innovation processes, transformation of the world economy into a qualitatively new one – ‘an intellectual economy’.

Intellectual property in the new circumstances is becoming an important economic resource for every company. It helps to transform knowledge in goods and technologies which can be applied on the market and pay to an author, an enterprise, a region, a country.

By taking the innovation technologies and the novel approach our company developed and registered in May 2020 the FlexControl trademark, having become the owner of the unique FlexControl technology which has a plenty of advantages compared with the similar methods of tire production presented not only on the Russian market but also abroad.

The registration of the FlexControl trademark gives JSC ‘Voltyre-Prom’ many advantages which let us manufacture goods with the unique name, with what the customers  will be able distinguish our goods from the similar goods of competitors. This is a valid method to distinguish the business among others and create the brand whose name is protected by law. The thoroughly developed and promoted trademark is the valuable corporate asset for our company and contributes to its image.