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//From Kamchatka to the United Arab Emirates

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From Kamchatka to the United Arab Emirates

JSC ‘Voltyre-Prom’ has been manufacturing the tires for all-terrain and off-road vehicles in Volzhsky.

The history of the production of these tires started when two companies met 15 years ago, which grew to the firm and successful friendship. The representatives of the Russian company which was developing a new model of ATV at that moment, now this company is called ‘Avtoros’, asked our design engineers to adapt their new product – the tires for ATV ZET 6x6 – for production. After solving all the issues, JSC ‘Voltyre-Prom’ began manufacturing the Avtoros tires.

Then the work on manufacturing the tires for ATV ‘SHAMAN’ 8х8 and other ATV began, as well as for off-road vehicles of NISSAN, TOYOTA, MITSUBISHI. The tires X-TRIM, S-TRIM, M-TRIM, MAX-TRIM, ROLLING-STONE were developed and went into production (we are planning to start manufacturing MSX-PLUS, S-AGRO in 2020), destined for going across virgin snow, desert sands, swamps, lakes, plowed land, which can be successfully used where nobody can go.

The volume of sales of the Avtoros tires manufactured at the Volzhsky plant is constantly increasing. Now every day, minimum one off-road vehicle in Russia ‘puts on’ these tires.

They have recently started to buy all-terrain vehicles ‘Avtoros’ in Kamchatka for the local natural parks, and now these vehicles are going to the United Arab Emirates, where they are planning to use them in work of Medical Services and Rescue Services, and as command post vehicles. In Russia these all-terrain vehicles successfully go across swamps, fords and snow blockades. In the United Arab Emirates they have to deal with barchans and sand storms.

That’s the tires really useful and manufactured by our employees for the whole world.