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//Modernization diary of JSC ‘Voltyre-Prom’

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Modernization diary of JSC ‘Voltyre-Prom’

The March was marked by the end of the next modernization step at the enterprise.

In the calender shop, the project of modernization of the bead assembly area was completed. The control device for monitoring the diameter and the weight of the bead rings of all standard sizes of manufactured tires was installed there.

This solution will enable to enhance monitoring the diameter and the weight of the bead rings before the beads are assembled, which, in its turn, will have a positive effect on compliance with the technical parameters of the built tires.

And also the 3-roll interlayer calender was modernized: the input widths of the beading device and the newly installed conveyor belt were increased, which enables to manufacture intermediate cut cords for new standard sizes of tires.

In the Building-Vulcanizing Shop for Manufacture of Brand Tires, the shaper-vulcanizer was modernized for the new types of the press molds.

Now we can use all types of press molds on the modernized equipment, therewith we are increasing performance in manufacture of the brand tires which are so important for the enterprise at the present moment.